Colourful, contrasting and ever-evolving, the Creative Block collection is the result of a one-of-a-kind art initiative. Each unique Creative Block artwork represents one of more than 250 participating artists; their individual stories,
subject matter and style. But it’s when they’re displayed together that they create something magical – a rich and striking expression of South African art.

Creative Block 1a                    Creative Block 2 a


Select artists are invited to transform 18cm x 18cm blank blocks using any medium they choose. The finished artworks are submitted for critique at regular Submission Days in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, and the best are purchased for resale to corporate patrons and the general public. The calibre of work is guaranteed – with artworks purchased according to
stringent quality standards.
Behind these logistics is a vision that is two-fold: to empower South African artists by offering them regular income and exposure, and to offer collectors access to the work of both established and emerging artists, at affordable prices.


Apart from the prospect of earning an immediate income, the Creative Block offers artists numerous benefits. The format encourages artists to explore and push the boundaries of their artistic territory. At the Submission Days, they receive critical, curatorial feedback on their work, and have the opportunity to
meet a diverse range of artists – an event that facilitates creative networking and collaboration. Additionally, artists gain considerable exposure through corporate partners’ marketing and associated ventures, as well as the collections themselves.


Because the blocks are sold at a standard price, collectors have the rare opportunity of purchasing affordable works by renowned artists, as well as experimenting with emerging artists’ work. In addition, the format invites creative play from collectors, as they curate their own meaning by selecting specific works to contrast and complement each other – adding, rearranging and even exchanging blocks according to changing tastes or environments.
Our collectors range from locals to international patrons, from budding enthusiasts to seasoned experts, from individuals to corporate organisations. Three patrons in particular have been integral partners in the project since its inception, sharing our long-term vision of positively impacting the arts in Africa. These are Spier, Nando’s and Hollard.


For a closer look, take a look at the video below and visit our Facebook page.
If you are a full-time professional artist interested in participating, we’d love to hear from you. Please download the Artist Invitation to find out more.